The one about celebrity worship

Pro Ultimate is a weird phenomenon. Scratch that. The entire sport is a weird phenomenon. It’s hard to explain to people that aren’t involved in the sport.

One of my favorite things about it is these “homegrown” stars, the guys at the top of the stat sheets, who everyday are pushing and pushing for this thing that they are passionate about, while juggling school, work, family problems, significant others, and myriad of other issues.

This weekend, we were up in Valpo for a scrimmage, and some of the guys on the other team were giving their captain grief for “being in love” with our captain. I mean who could blame him, Travis is a fantastic athlete. He’s a great guy and amazing at what he does. And I understand why people randomly come up to him (or us) at tournaments and say that they love his Callahan video, or they saw him at some tournament.

It’s so funny to see people like that, when its someone you actually know. Like, he can sky the crap out of anyone on the field, but NEVER follow him on a roadtrip cause he follows the GPS and still gets lost. His no-looks can shred a defense in a few seconds, but it takes him a good 30 seconds longer than anyone else to get a joke. He lays out fearlessly on defense and offense, and he is the most patient person I have ever met.

Playing with guys like Travis and Cameron Brock and Joey Cari, men who stand at the top of stat sheets, is such a humbling experience. Its so awesome to get to know them and their lives and struggles, and getting to share a passion with them is an incredible experience. I’m thankful for these moments and the chance I’ve had to get to know the men at the roots of (what we hope) is the next great worldwide sport.


An Average Wednesday Night

Sometimes writing is a huge leap of faith. Like tonight. I committed myself to blogging every week, and tonight, I haven’t a clue what to write about. But no matter, I have to open a blank page and see what comes out.

This is what the title of my blog refers to: when words just kind of come flying out and I take a step back to see if they make any sense, to see if there are any hidden patterns.

I got a test back yesterday that I did really well on. Like, really well. Almost aced it (thank you, gratuitous extra credit.) And I had a test today that I kind of didn’t study for and part of me was riding my emotional high from the test I’d gotten back and I convinced myself that I was invincible. That tests would never again be a problem for me. Just like in the story books, today’s test rolled around and was easy as pie. Seriously. Reinforcing my procrastination and infallibility are we, fates? Cool.

One of the strongest thoughts that I had today was that if the Minion movie doesn’t live up to the wildly high expectations I have of it, my life is going to be really hard for a few days.

A guy from IWU died in a terrible accident over the weekend, and the past few days have been pretty somber and quiet. It’s such a small school that everyone at least had “heard of” him, and many people had actually known the guy. I’d had class with him last semester and for our class final, we had to act out a script that someone else had written. He and I were the two leads of one of the skits and we won the extra credit prize for best performance. It’s such a weird and random connection.

There’s a lot of pain right now. Not in my life, but in the people around me. It’s hard to watch.

And then in other people’s lives, there have been new nieces and nephews and grand-kids and it’s so hard to understand. Sometimes, I don’t know if I believe that “all things work together for the good….” I don’t think God is watching us, going “Yup, you did that right, you love me. Okay, I’m going to make this all better for you.”

Maybe that’s a little contrived.

I think it’s more like its us living by the spiritual and natural laws that He created for us, that He imbued with Himself. I know it kind of sounds like simply following a formula, but I see beauty in that way of thinking. It seems more timeless and constant, not as arbitrary. It’s something I’m still deeply considering.

This short film is super cool, to me. I think it embodies the Spirit of the Game, something that people who don’t play or watch Ultimate don’t often pick up on. It’s not just a game; it’s about taking ownership of something important to you.

“And so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” – Nick (Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald)

It’s a special thing when girls become friends. They realize that they don’t have to fight every girl out there, and you know what, this one seems pretty cool.

I have been blessed to experience wonderful sisterhoods throughout my life. For me, that feels like a weird thing to say, especially because I feel like I spend a lot of my time around guys, and even within my family I would say that my older brother probably knows more about me than anyone else. But I’m so thankful for my sisters, and the girls who have come alongside me as sisters.
My flesh-and-blood sisters are so patient and honest with me. They’ll take time out of their days to talk and pray and sometimes even cry, but mostly laugh about our lives and how weird things can get. My “sisters” from college are responsible for some of the biggest changes in me. The four of us open each others minds and encourage each other to think in new ways and appreciate new ideas and experiences. My sisters from Camp are people who I trust completely. We’ve cried and complained about annoying campers, and taken awkward pictures and danced without arms (or without legs) and learned to love through emotional stress.

This weekend, I got to experience a new kind of sister-ness. Our ultimate team is like a family, and I think that our relationships are so much stronger and better partially because we do have girls on the team. It just adds a whole new texture to interactions. I’m always afraid that these girls will join and not be there for the right reasons and just screw everything up (and it has happened) but right now, that’s not the case.

We were in Pittsburgh this weekend and it was the first tournament where we actually took more girls besides me. And it was awesome. We didn’t always feel the need to hang out and stand together or sit together, but we had our moments where we’d give each other the nod and crack up laughing. We got to do things as a group of girls instead of by myself. Hannah and I even talked about how we both avoid trying to form “special” relationships with the guys on the team because that’s not what we’re there for.

At the risk of sounding so “basic,” I am so blessed. These girls come from the same place I do, are trying to achieve the same things I am; it was an awesome moment when I realized that I have two new solid relationships that I can absolutely count on. I’m not the only one rolling my eyes when the guys try to sweet talk each other, or that has to leave the room when someone gets out of the shower, or doesn’t get to hear a joke. We’re all excluded together!

It’s a great feeling, having another person or more people to share things with.