This week the trend…

It’s 11:00 on Thursday and I haven’t blogged yet this week, so watch out world. I’m hoping to get out a blog post about my spring break trip (cliche, I know) and some pictures, but this week that didn’t happen.
Senior year hit me hard in the past few days. At last count, I have five presentations, two class discussions, a 10 page research paper, a journal article, a portfolio, and a pamphlet due, plus however many tests, in the next month-ish. On top of that, before graduation, I have four more tournaments (including a sick-awesome one down to Myrtle Beach next weekend a.k.a. Spring Break part two!)
There have been so many questions on my mind lately about what to do after school, what kind of job to look for, how to stay involved in ultimate, how to pursue relationships… There’s just so much.
Today I was freaking out about all of it while at work, texting various people and trying to calm down. I walk out of our office into the little atrium area and right in front of me is this HUGE bowl of guacamole, and a little sign saying “please eat me!”
I’ve seen God’s hand move in some pretty strange ways but this is the first time that I can honestly say I’ve been blessed with guacamole. It was a little remind that “oh yeah, God’s got it all in hand.”
We did devos every morning over spring break, and on the last day we were talking about how we’d seen God throughout the week and one of the guys pointed out how incredible the little things should be to us. God’s so good at the big things, that He has the time to do the little things, too.
That’s incredibly encouraging to this little college senior.