The one about celebrity worship

Pro Ultimate is a weird phenomenon. Scratch that. The entire sport is a weird phenomenon. It’s hard to explain to people that aren’t involved in the sport.

One of my favorite things about it is these “homegrown” stars, the guys at the top of the stat sheets, who everyday are pushing and pushing for this thing that they are passionate about, while juggling school, work, family problems, significant others, and myriad of other issues.

This weekend, we were up in Valpo for a scrimmage, and some of the guys on the other team were giving their captain grief for “being in love” with our captain. I mean who could blame him, Travis is a fantastic athlete. He’s a great guy and amazing at what he does. And I understand why people randomly come up to him (or us) at tournaments and say that they love his Callahan video, or they saw him at some tournament.

It’s so funny to see people like that, when its someone you actually know. Like, he can sky the crap out of anyone on the field, but NEVER follow him on a roadtrip cause he follows the GPS and still gets lost. His no-looks can shred a defense in a few seconds, but it takes him a good 30 seconds longer than anyone else to get a joke. He lays out fearlessly on defense and offense, and he is the most patient person I have ever met.

Playing with guys like Travis and Cameron Brock and Joey Cari, men who stand at the top of stat sheets, is such a humbling experience. Its so awesome to get to know them and their lives and struggles, and getting to share a passion with them is an incredible experience. I’m thankful for these moments and the chance I’ve had to get to know the men at the roots of (what we hope) is the next great worldwide sport.


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