*obligatory “I’m restarting my blog” post*

Well. That awkward moment when you don’t blog for an entire school year. Honestly, guys, I’m a little embarrassed. I don’t know why I’m trying to pick this back up now, seeing as how I’m headed to Camp in a few weeks, and I blogged maybe three times last summer. We’ll see. I’m setting the tentative goal of blogging once a week. For the next however long.

I think I have some (borrowed some…) pictures that might sum up the year. Better than a couple of long, interminable paragraphs, right? (Of course not. But some things are better explained in pics.)


‘Mentoring training with some stylishly attired guys from South Hall!

Image Bowman Boat Race!


Hanging with these beautiful ladies at a Camp T Staff retreat

Image  The fam (who else?) at Christmas.


Stachin’ through the snow. On spring break…

Image  Burning Sages at Arctic Vogue. So fun

Image Orange Leaf with the Camp T besties!Image

These crazy, crazy, crazy kids. (The two on the bottom I babysit often. They’re basically family.)Image

All the soccer. You wish you were as cool as the Grape Squad.Image

Photoshoots with the sisters are a pretty regular thing…Image

Spent two whole semesters with this lovely lady. And contrary to what it may look like, neither of us went insane. Praise Jesus.

You guys, it was a really good year. I lived in the dorm of my choice with two of my best friends. Probably one of the best life decisions I have ever made. Lauren and Sonja (and Ellie) were always there, always willing to talk, cry, tell stories, do a snow dance, whatever. So awesome.

Then there were classes… at the end of spring semester 2012, I changed my major to athletic training. I ended up being that college student and changed it again this spring semester (for various reasons) to Exercise Science. There just wasn’t enough time to work and get good grades and… yeah. Those five athletic trainers in the program, though, are some of the most awesome people I have ever met. Adam, Nate, Mary, Jess, and Andrew made me laugh, taught me, made fun of me, critiqued me, and modeled Christ for me in such a real life way. From Adam’s mantra of KISS (keep it simple stupid) to Jess’s sarcastic sense of humor, they showed that they cared about their students, and each of us uniquely. I’m really going to miss them. Mary has threatened my life, though, if I don’t pop by her office every now and then.

Alongside of schoolwork, there was Ultimate. We played a lot of frisbee at the end of freshman year, but this time around it, well, got serious. God threw some people with ideas and passion together and, after a lot of talking and hard work, we had a team. The Indiana Wesleyan Burning Sages. Sounds cool, right? Yeah, it was. It is. I learned a lot through playing ultimate these past two semesters. One of my favorite things about going to tournaments and stuff is the people. Seriously. It’s just cool to show up and see friends on other teams and play hard and finish out the day, then go over and cheer on one of those other teams. The atmospheres is so chill (I mean aside from the whole “go out there, get experience, play hard, and win”) and often it’s just a nice break from the IWU bubble. The friends that I’ve made on our team (and off the team…) are just… just… I like them a lot. You meet a lot of cool people out there.

So it’s almost time for Camp. I’m super excited. 10 whole weeks in the sun on the run on the banks of the Tippecanoe just *mumble mumble* miles from where it joins the mighty Wabash.

Something like that. I’ll try to keep ya’ll updated. Feel free to keep me honest about writing, too. Once Camp starts, everything but kids, pop-stop, rest hour, pool/lake time, and devos goes out the window.

It’s going to be awesome!


It’s summer, man where do we begin!!!!!!!