“I’m like ‘Oh God Oh God Oh God’ and He’s like ‘Yes, yes, yes?'”

Well, Camp is over. I got really bad about blogging as the summer went on… I’ll excuse myself by saying that my posts were going to be based off of pictures that I ended up not being able to get off of my camera. This summer got crazy, too. Swinging between villages, crazy clinics, crazy campers… I met some amazing kids this summer. While I taught them how to kick a soccer ball, go slugging, and work as a team, they taught me how to communicate, make sure I was reaching every kid, and to laugh at myself. Kids are great at that last one.

One of my favorite parts of this summer were those late nights, when because of some issue or shenanigans I would get into my bunk around 1:30, having only 5 and a half hours of sleep before me. I’d kneel down to pray, and then get so excited, telling God that the only way I would be able to do the next day was through His strength. It was complete trust, and I felt so scared and so awfully blessed at the same time.

It was like riding a roller coaster. You’re chugging up the incline, and if you’re at the back (because let’s be real that’s the best place to be) you can’t see anything in front of you except the backs of heads, so you don’t know what’s coming. You have an idea, because if there’s a climb there’s going to be a drop, but you can’t definitively predict what’s going to happen. You just pray to God that the straps hold you in, then scream at the top of your lungs. (Note: this is not how I handle roller coasters. Promise. It may or may not be how I handle life, however…) Life teaches you a lot about trust.

Ando so summer being over, it’s about time for school. I leave tomorrow. My stuff is still scattered around the house. I’m nowhere near as prepared as I should be. But I am okay with that now. I hate to leave my family, but I am excited to see my friends again. I’m rooming with Lauren and suiting with Sonja, friends who I met through my older brother, and we are so excited to be living life together! God’s going to do some great things through us and in us this semester, and I’m ready to see what He’s got planned.

Going back to school will be different, though. I’ve changed so much over the summer, and I’m nervous to see how that will change life. It’s like (if you’ll pardon my obsessive need to draw strange parallels and create metaphors) baking cookies. So you have this cookie recipe, right, and you got it from a friend who got it from her friend who’s some kind of health nut or something. This lady tweaked the butter/margarine portion of the recipe, or the sugar part, and the cookies just don’t quite taste good to you. So you experiment with that part of the recipe, and each time the cookies come out tasting better and better.


Life= cookies. You= butter/margarine/sugar.  Every time you go through some experience, big or small, you are being tweaked or experimented with, which in turn changes the taste and texture of your life. Every time the outcome is different, sometimes better, sometimes worse, but you learn from your mistakes and move on. I grew a lot this summer. Now I’m looking forward to seeing how those changes affect the recipe at school, at home, and anywhere else I wander along the way. Just some food for thought. (Let’s all laugh at that…)

Anywho. Safe wanderings and adventures.